Tobias Richter

Tobias Richter

Tobias Richter was born in 1967 in the town of Darmstadt, Germany. After school he studied computer science at the technical university of Darmstadt, where he graduated in 1992.

During his studies, he worked freelance for various computer games and television productions, e.g., “Hurra Deutschland,” the German version of “Spitting image.”

After moving to the beautiful town of cologne, he continued his freelance work which eventually led to the founding to his own graphics studio “The Light Works.” The studio today develops all kinds of graphics for computer games, industrial visualizations and visual effects.

Notable productions with “The Light Works” contributions are games like the “Star Wars: Rogue Leader” series, the “Sacred,” “Patrician” and “X” series, “Lair” and many more, several music videos, visualizations for Opel and ESA, visual effects for “Virus Undead,” “Star Trek Phase 2,” “Real Buddy,” “Das schwarze Auge” and “Ray Bradbury’s Kaleidoscope.”

He also regularly contributes to the “Ships of the Line” calendar. Currently in preproduction are the VFX for “The 5th Passenger,” “Nobility,” “Star Trek: Renegades” and “Star Trek: Axanar.”

VFX (excerpt)
– Digital models (e.g. Enterprise) for Star Trek TNG – BluRay
– VFX for the short movie “Ray Bradburys Kaleidoscope”
– VFX for the online series “Star Trek: Phase 2”
– VFX for the movie “Real Buddy”
– VFX for the trailer “Das schwarze Auge”
– VFX for the movie “Virus Undead”
– Kikania-virtual characters (KiKa childrens show)
– VFX Loona “La Vida” music video
– VFX DJ Sammy “Lovestern Galactica” music video
– VFX Dragonballs music video
– visualization of the MIR for RTL News (RTL)
– VFX Romeo (Premiere) (childrens show)
– VFX Balko (RTL) (cop show)

Event (excerpt)
– Trailer for the Star Trek Expo 2011
– Federation Conventions opening movies
– Digital Ghost – short SciFi movie, production and supervision of FX
– RMF1 Enterprise – interior design and visualization of the ship
– Motion Rides (e.g., Mars 2112 Chicago, Puschkin Promo)
– Bavaria movie entertainment park – Orion II displays

Games (excerpt)
– Tropico 5 – Teaser (Kalypso)
– Star Trek Rivals – Illustrations / Trailer (ElephantMouse)
– Demonicon – Cutscenes (Kalypso)
– Dark – Intro (Kalypso)
– Port Royale 3 – Intro (Kalypso)
– Jagged Alliance BIA – Intro (Bitcomposer)
– Batman Dark Tomorrow – Cutscenes (Kemco)
– Rogue Leader Cutscenes (Factor 5, LucasArts)
– Ballblazer Champions (Factor 5, LucasArts)
– Rogue Squadron Cutscenes (Factor 5, LucasArts)
– Super Turrican 2 (Factor 5, Softgold)
– Rebel Assault II PSX Models (Factor 5, LucasArts)

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