Suzanne Monir

EIS Manager for High School Projects

Suzanne is an educator whose journey has always lead her beyond the beaten path.  She began her career in organic synthesis, went on to international development for the United Nations in West Africa and then on to the most invigorating, exciting and gratifying point in her career: educating others.  She has taught at the Ontario Science Centre, at universities and secondary schools in Oman, Egypt, Qatar, and Canada.  She has taught for many years strenuous AP courses and successful training for international contests at University of Toronto Schools and Villanova College.

In her teaching she strives for the success of her students and promoting innovation.  3 years ago, she began to reach beyond international education and reached for the stars involving herself in projects on the ISS, NASA and her current work with the AEXA program and Enterprise in Space.  She has put some of her stories, the strife she witnessed for herself and others, in a novel she recently published titled “Tiers of Slavery in Qatar”.  Suzanne’s journey into space education lead her to Enterprise in Space and the EIS academy.  She has witnessed first hand the drive and outcomes that are inspired when hands on space applications are involved in the educational process.

She is an avid believer in education for all and the call of microgravity, and she works with Enterprise in space in their efforts to provide open access educations and more opportunities for everyone in space.

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