Susan York

Elementary Level Coordinator

Susan York is passionate about quality science education in the elementary grades. She is a retired educator with twenty-four years of experience teaching science at the elementary level.  She served on her school district’s science curriculum writing committee, developing engaging science curriculum for the majority of that time. In addition, she reached out to support and encourage colleagues to provide creative and innovative science experiences for their students.

Susan facilitated a collaboration of second, third, fourth, and fifth grade teachers in her school district that resulted in over thirty passive (no power) student experiments being flown on two Space Shuttle missions. Many authentic learning opportunities resulted, including the monitoring of a community ‘space garden’ to record, analyze, and report plant growth patterns.

Susan holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and is the recipient of the Larry Stilegebauer Award of Excellence for exemplary use of technology in the classroom. She has also been nominated for the Teachers Make a Difference Award, Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, and the Disney American Teacher Award.

Susan on EIS:  “For me, teaching has always been about providing opportunities for students to explore their interests and find their own passions. Science is the search for truth – an idea that appeals to young children and provides them with a methodology with which they can make sense of their world. Space science, in particular, is a wonderfully authentic vehicle to employ in that search, since children gaze up at the sky with an ancient sense of wonder and awe. By involving students in real research, we allow them to satisfy their natural curiosity while they develop life skills and contribute to the collective understanding of our natural world.”

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