Stephen Ryan

Stephen Ryan

Designer, R/C Enterprise 1701-D slope soaring glider and creator of the new electric R/C “Enterprise F”

Stephen has been managing and moderating the EIS Facebook since 2013, and contributed various artwork and multimedia content to the project.

Stephen studied physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science, and worked in oceanography, defense research, and the construction industry. He has been a lifelong enthusiast of aviation, astronomy, space exploration, and science & technology in general.

Stephen says “I have always enjoyed reading science fiction novels and watching science fiction on film and TV. I have been a fan of Star Trek ever since the original broadcasts in the sixties when I would creep down the hallway on hands and knees with my sister past bedtime just to glimpse a bit of Star Trek excitement on the black and white TV.  I am very eager to support the Enterprise in Space project. It’s a wonderful melding of science and science fiction which have always both imitated and inspired each other. The Enterprise in Space project will surely benefit and inspire the next generation of budding fans and scientists. “Make it so!””

In 2008 Stephen designed, built and successfully flew an R/C “Enterprise 1701-D” slope soaring glider based on Andrew Probert’s original design from the TV series “Star Trek: The Next Generation”:

In 2003 he also designed and built a highly modified R/C version of “Thunderbird 2″ from the science fiction TV show “Thunderbirds” using computer 3D modeling. The finished model was recently featured in Model Airplane News magazine:

Recently, he designed and built a new electric powered R/C version of Andrew Probert’s “Enterprise F”:

“Steve Ryan’s RC Model Pics & Vids” at Enterprise In Space on Facebook:

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