Print The Future: Prizes

The Prizes

  • Sketchfab one-year professional account ($120 value)

  • Your name flown aboard the NSS Enterprise spacecraft

  • Virtual crew member certificate

  • Your name displayed with spacecraft at museum after re-entry

  • Project/experiment proposals published in Enterprise Center for Excellence for Additive Manufacturing in Space

  • Tour of Made In Space facilities at NASA Ames research Park, Moffett Field in California, (Travel not included)

  • Behind-the scenes tour of NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas travel not included)

  • Complimentary associate membership in National Space Society for one year

  • 3D printed prototype of project via 3D Hubs

  • *Complimentary registration for up to three (3) members of each teamto the National space Society’s International Space Development Conference® (ISDC), May 25-29, in St. Louis, MO, to present their papers and receive their awards, travel not included.

  • Sketchfab hoodies, T-shirts and VR cardboards.

  • 3D printed prototype of project using engineering-grade material via 3D Hubs

  • Your item printed in space onboard the International Space Station

  • Up to three test prints on Earth in Made In Space facilities

  • Scientific evaluation via nano-microscopy at Prairie Nanotechnology (if required)

  • Results paper published in Ad Astra magazine and industry trade journal for 3D printing

  • Scholarships for up to three (3) people from Kepler Space Institute ($ 5000) to be applied towards a full certificate program