N Kishore Dupally NV

Mr. Dupally NVN Kishore is an experienced and talented entrepreneur in technology industry and has founded numerous aviation and engineering-focused start-ups. This follows 12 years of distinguished service in the Aviation, Aerospace and Mechanical engineering field.
Mr. Dupally is very passionate for deployment of new technologies with great vision and ingenuity to solve the real-world problems. He has great network with many companies and with new technologies developing the current industry. He also brings prosperity of knowledge in manufacturing and executive-level business leadership to his international strategy by negotiating projects to build company infrastructure locally and internationally (mainly in India).
Mr. Dupally have proved himself as an effective leader and expert aeronautical engineer by developing networks by building and bringing teams together by farming aviation related companies in USA and India to bring safety and new technology together to make and provide better technology to the industries.
Mr. Dupally proved himself as first class business man by gaining experience in business Acquisition, managing supply Logistics, and Design Engineer Manager, Operations Manager and Director of Operations.  Mr. Dupally holds a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.