Michael Mealling

Michael Mealling

Founder/CEO at Astrogistix.com

Contractor at Georgia Institute of Technology

Editor at Rocketforge.org

Michael is an entrepreneurial business leader with 20 years of experience walking the line between the engineering and business sides of technology enterprises. Much of that experience is with building solutions for markets that do not exist, including some of the Internet’s basic systems in the early 90s, RFID-enabled supply chain management in early 2000s, and a ground breaking commercial space company in 2005.  Some of Michael’s past roles and organizations include: CFO/VP of Business Development at Masten SpaceSystems, Inc.; Managing Partner – Data Practice at CASgroup,Inc.; CEO/Founder at Refactored Networks, LLC; Advanced Naming R&D Manager at VeriSign; and Sys Support Tech II at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael’s specialties include: Minimum Viable Product Development, Disruptive Technology Strategy, Venture Finance,Technology Forecasting, Emerging Market Analysis, IdentityManagement, SOA, RFID-enabled supply chain management, IT Architecture, Agile/Scrum Project Management, Basic Aerospace Systems Design and Propulsion.


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