Kathy Gustavson

EIS High School Level

Kathy is a retired high school physics and astronomy teacher. She has done extensive work with the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Astronomy Club, where the main emphasis is using the world’s two largest radio telescopes to look for a type of star remnant called a pulsar. Any mini-second pulsars found are used in a timing array to search for gravitational waves. She was also selected as an Airborne Astronomy Ambassador and flew on NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. She has been nominated for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Science and Math. She is active in the Yerkes Observatory outreach program to students and teachers, and still runs the Astronomy Club at her previous high school. Her philosophy in teaching to bring space science education to all people. Kathy has a BA in math and Physics, and a MS in science curriculum.

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