Isaac Santiago

Isaac Santiago, Puerto Rico

Acting Ambassador, Starfleet Command Region 2 (Puerto Rico & Caribbean)

Promotions, Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain

Isaac Santiago is an honor student and member of several software development teams. He is a degreed computer software programmer and technician and plans to attend Bakery & Confectionery College this winter to expand on his experience as a chef.  In his spare time, Isaac volunteers as the Region 2 representative for  The Star Fleet Association, a global fan-based charity organization. Being bilingual, Isaac is a valued asset in the Enterprise in Space Project’s promotional efforts to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain.

Isaac’s computer skills include: Computer Science C#/ C++/, Microcomputer Technology, Communications Technology, Development Team (Cydia).  Isaac is bilingual in Spanish/English, and has worked as a certified chef for restaurants, in Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations, and as a Human & Internet Rights Activist.

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