Floyd Holt

Floyd T. Holt is the President/CEO of the new American Science and Technology Center. For 40 years he has been an award winning Physics Instructor and Educational Consultant in New York and throughout the United States. During this time, he developed a growing passion for learning and discovery, which he shares with everyone he meets. He believes that “Now is the Nexus Moment”: a pivotal time to inspire the next generation of Americans; and that we will be defined by our Technology. As President of Holt Builders the creation of Sci-Tech represents his greatest Inspiration for Invention and Design.

According to Michael Eisner, former CEO of the Disney Corporation, “Floyd Holt has created the Method and the Magic for teaching Science.” As a Scientist, Inventor, Photographer, Author, Musician, Builder and President of a Science Museum it has been said that Floyd is a “Renaissance Man”. Others have called him a Visionary who can inspire the next generation about the great promise of the future. Even further it has been said that what he and the members of his organization have done for the benefit of many is “Legendary”.

As a Physics Professor he engaged his students every year in new and innovative class projects and in turn he was always inspired by his students. In the process they seemed to learn Science and Technology in a more efficient, practical and thought provoking manner. After Star Wars premiered they created an exact radio controlled copy of R2D2 and a flying saucer after Close Encounters. In 1995 they created the world’s first Spaceship Classroom, which combined all the elements into a major theme. They have received more than $3 million dollars worth of equipment and services from over 40 major corporate sponsors. Subsequently he discovered the great fascination that emerged. Here was a chance to utilize their knowledge of Physics for practical purposes. Among many others these projects included Holograms, Murals, a walking Robot, a giant Carbon Dioxide laser, a Flying Saucer, a Spaceship car, a computercontrolled Android resembling the Terminator and Roboteacher (a voice-actuated teaching and learning station).

Their Wonders of Science Travelling show became an instant success and was featured at major Corporate Events including Studio 54 in NYC and many others. Many of these projects may be found at: www.astcny.org. For three years Floyd recorded commercials with James Garner and John O’Hurley on National Public Radio for the Xerox Corporation. He has received a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math from the White House; and was recently inducted into the National Teachers Hall of Fame where he now serves on its Board of Governors. He now believes the best is yet to come; and that their creation is the Next Big Thing”. Recently he was inducted into the Superman Hall of Heroes.

Television Appearances: To date they have appeared on many national television programs including: CBS, NBC, The Disney Channel, The Discovery Channel, and MSNBC. Most recently he was an invited speaker at the International Frontiers of Physics Conference (FFP12) in Europe. He and others are now creating the American SciTech, involved in Video Production and For-Profit inventions. Today the dedicated Team, Board of Directors, Organization and Sponsors all share in Floyd Holt’s dream for the Future of America.



President/CEO- American Science and Technology Center

Walt Disney American Teacher in Science for the United States

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math in the USA

Princeton Woodrow Wilson National Fellow IBM Teacher of the Year

New York State Teacher of the Year Finalist

Tandy Technology Scholar

Physics Teacher Resource Agent for the United States

New York State Science Mentor

Rutgers University National Leadership Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Master Teacher in Science

All-USA Teacher Team for the United States


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