Every Student

Global Effort

The mission of Enterprise In Space (EIS) is to motivate students everywhere to reach for the stars and give them the tools that allow them to get there.


EIS will send more than 100 student experiments into Earth orbit and bring them back. Its education program will also develop educational curricula for students contributing to related future endeavors in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).


This program will incorporate a newly-patented strong artificial intelligence (AI), named Ali, to assist each student’s learning process. EIS will demonstrate that Ali can provide students with the means to learn autonomously & at their own pace.  Students participating in the EIS program and contests can learn about space, the scientific method, data analysis, presentation skills, and how to form and work in international teams, all with the help of Ali. Ali will also interact with virtual crew-members and students while the spacecraft named NSS Enterprise is in Earth orbit.


After the launch and landing of the NSS Enterprise, NSS/EIS will continue to support STEAM education using Ali as she teaches all over the world. The NSS Enterprise mission will engage and inspire the next generation, while igniting a renewed interest for people of all walks of life in space exploration and development.


The Need:


The availability of schools and teachers varies widely in the United States and around the world.  Some students have access to the very best schools, teachers and materials that allow them to envision their goals, see their path to achieve them, and fulfill their potential.  At the opposite end of the spectrum are orphans or impoverished children who must work in menial tasks all day merely to survive.  In the middle are children whose parents cannot afford the best (or any) school, or whose religious and moral beliefs do not allow their children (especially girls) to attend school, or whose neighborhoods are so war torn (gangs or actual political turmoil) or far from civilization that it is difficult for children to imagine a way forward, much less succeed.  ALL of these children could benefit from an exciting vision of humanity’s future in space and a personal tutor who knows them and how they learn best and can help them learn autonomously, when and where they have time.


The Solution:


EIS and Ali can fill a large part of that need now and most of it in the future.


The Inspiration:


Today’s post-Apollo generation is inspiring the young entrepreneurs of tomorrow with their new, innovative space companies, some of whom are partnering with EIS to design, build and launch the NSS Enterprise. Students will see that they could join one these companies, or they could form one of their own!


The Tools:


In 176 countries in July of 2015, 3G and 4G access is available, and the majority of their citizens have a device that allows them to access the internet.  By 2020, companies like OneWeb will allow everyone, everywhere, this access.  Similarly, IBM alone currently has 45 cloud computing centers around the world, and people everywhere (except central Africa and the polar regions of other continents) are within 1000 miles of at least one of these centers.  IBM and other companies are committed to growing their capabilities to meet demand everywhere.  Finally, IBM and others are developing natural language tools to expand capabilities beyond the English (1.5B people), Spanish (.5B), Portuguese (.2B) and Japanese (.1B) available now. With this combination and sufficient funding to demonstrate and expand Ali, she could be a personal tutor to one-third of the world’s 7B people now, and be able to reach nearly every student on Earth by 2020 (assuming Watson can translate Mandarin and China allows Watson cloud access).


The Future:


The flight and recovery of the first Enterprise in Space with the voice and mind of the NSS Enterprise supplied by Ali will publicize this achievement dramatically and make the public aware that there is a new way to bring ALL of the minds on our planet to bear on the problems of today to achieve the great future that lies ahead for humanity.

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