rod-circle“My father would applaud Enterprise in Space, and I am pleased to do so on his behalf.  He was always so proud that Star Trek inspired many people to pursue careers in space exploration and that many of these scientists and engineers are now focusing on inspiring the next generation is thrilling, and a wonderful legacy for the Star Trek community.”


buzz-circle“There’s an exciting new project called Enterprise In Space that I want to tell you about.  Together with the National Space Society, the Enterprise In Space project will launch an eight-foot Enterprise satellite into orbit and bring it back to Earth. This is an educational and inspirational tribute to all Enterprise ships in history, science visionaries, and to the vision of the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, Gene Roddenberry.  My name has been to space and back.  Now, it’s your turn.  Rendezvous with me and support the Enterprise In Space project. Help make history all over again.”


nichelle-circle“This is Nichelle Nichols. I’m excited to endorse a new project called Enterprise In Space. Together with the National Space Society, the Enterprise In Space project will launch an eight-foot Enterprise satellite into orbit as an educational, inspirational, and heartfelt tribute to Gene Roddenberry’s vision and to all Enterprise ships in history. Gene gave us all a hopeful and enduring view of the future. I urge everyone to come together in support of this wonderful endeavor.”


walter circle“Now more than ever we need to emphasize the advancement of science in our lives.  Ignorance leads to superstition, fear, and hate.  Science leads to understanding, compassion, and humanitarianism.  The nobility of mankind demands that we encourage the young scientific minds among us.”

– Walter Koenig

dr cir“The Enterprise in Space project is a beautiful example of Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future: humanity coming together to use our combined knowledge, curiosity, and wonder to ‘boldly go’ past the limits of our home planet and reach for the stars. Together with the National Space Society, this program will give young people practical, hands-on experience with engineering, mathematics, and new technologies – an amazing opportunity for us all to encourage the development of not only scientific study, but to inspire cooperation – all the things necessary to truly bring about a better, more enlightened future!”


vic cir“Never before in history have science fiction and science fact been almost indistinguishable! What an amazing opportunity that The Enterprise in Space Project is affording young people, old people, anyone with their eyes on the infinite possibilities of the future. The visionaries of the past like Gene Roddenberry would be so proud to see what is within our grasp in the present. And the best part is that we can all share in this amazing project. The final frontier is getting closer and closer.”


Chris Circle“I know my dad, James Doohan, would be extremely excited about this ambitious project. He would have loved the idea of a grass-roots, non-profit orbiter carrying the curiosity and excitement of our best young minds for a new generation …and having it all be on the first Enterprise to actually be in space. It doesn’t take a miracle worker, just fans and forward thinkers from around the globe that can all pull together to do amazing things. Let’s all join the virtual crew and make this one “a matter of pride.”

– Chris Doohan

Grace-lee-circleOur original crew was already in space three years before Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon.  Let’s all help Buzz’ organization, the National Space Society, put a real ship named ‘Enterprise’ in space to support education.


hugh downs circle“As a broadcaster reporting on the spectacular events of space exploration since the early days of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo, I would like to now report on the newest next generation of spacecraft that will orbit Earth.  Named after its historic sailing vessels of yore, the Enterprise orbiter will be the first to leave the oceans of Earth and travel into the ocean of space carrying with it a virtual crew and in addition over 100 experiments designed and built by students.  For hundreds of years, space visionaries have created spacecraft designs and new technologies.  Now it is your turn to design the spacecraft or propose an experiment.  Join me in support of the Enterprise in Space project and help to inspire and engage tomorrow’s space travelers”


john circleHi.  My name is John Billingsley and I am an actor, and no small bit of a dimwit.  Which begs the question: why have I been asked to endorse “Enterprise In Space”, the National Space Society’s exciting program designed to encourage and reward student interest in space exploration?  Probably because I played Dr. (Phil) Phlox, on the late lamented tv show Star Trek: Enterprise.  My character was curious, buoyant, unflappable, philosophical, pragmatic (boy, I wish I could be like him!) and he, no doubt, in his youth, would have been first in line (with a list of experiments as long as his Denobulan arm, which really is quite long . . .) to participate in such a thrilling and inspirational project.  Me, I rarely cracked a textbook as a student, and am still baffled by such concepts as ‘electricity’, ‘gravity’, and ‘entropy’.  (Well, I kinda get entropy, now that I’m in my fifties.)  So, the lesson here is DON’T BE LIKE JOHN, and end up a paunchy semi-anonymous character actor!!!  Challenge your kid, or your friend’s kid (or yourself, if you, dear reader, happen to be a kid)  to groove to science, and help support, howsoever you see fit, be it with moolah, fulsome praise,  s’up to you,  “Enterprise in Space” . . . Mazeltov.


manu circle“Enterprise In Space it is not just another space stunt and that is why I am endorsing it.   This is a project that truly supports space education and inspires people.  Anyone who donates will have their name flown on space and be supporting this educational project.  My character in Star Trek Voyager Icheb portrayed curiosity and I believe that will be the driving force for space exploration.  This is something that any person can get behind so join me in supporting Enterprise In Space today.”


hana h“Personally, Enterprise In Space is like a dream come true for me. My character Molly O’Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was born on the USS Enterprise-D. Having grown up on set and being surrounded by a technologically advanced space themed world with an endless array of different species made my love for space and science grow. I think Enterprise In Space is an absolutely fantastic project and I fully support it and you should too! Let’s give these beautiful, brilliant young minds the chance to create something amazing for our future!”


Beam Me Up!

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