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Today’s emerging space frontier needs your curiosity, ideas, innovation, and imagination. Enterprise in Space (EIS) is creating an exciting and robust education program (EIS ED) that endeavors to ignite, motivate, inspire, generate momentum, and engage the next generation of explorers to pursue their destiny in space. 

EIS ED will use its unique orbiter system named NSS Enterprise to provide educators and students with exciting opportunities and experiences.   Aside from being able to send science related experiments into space; music, art, history, and other disciplines, can be integrated.

The centerpiece of the education program focuses on sending 100+ student experiments aboard the NSS Enterprise orbiter. In addition, the EIS Academy offers lessons and activities for students and teachers to guide them in experiment design and space related educational opportunities. Through their own discoveries, students will be drawn into the exciting adventure of space exploration and discovery.  Web-based technologies that tie into social networking, interactive learning, mobile device apps, and mentoring programs encompass will also be used in the EIS ED program.

EIS ED offers a unique artificial intelligence being developed by Value Spring Technology to demonstrate a world changing technology that could put a personal tutor into the hand of every student.  Ali will provide the voice and mind of the NSS Enterprise, liaise between students and spacecraft during the mission, and teach for years to come using Natural Language Socratic dialogue.  Working Together,  we can change science fiction into science fact.

There will be many ways to become involved. We encourage you to return and browse through the EIS ED pages as our exciting educational program develops.  Here you will learn more about the program and the opportunities that will be offered to all!

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