Dragan Radic

Dragan Radic

Production & Promotion

Growing up on a steady diet of sci-fi comic books, in love with science and innovation, Dragan’s first interest was drawing for the accessibility and freedom of expression. Then, his attention expended to movie magic and practical effects because he wished to be able to make the illustrated creations of his imagination real.

From 2000, Dragan started working and collecting knowledge for special effects industry in Serbia.  Since that industry hadn’t yet been developed there, he had to solve variety of problems that varied from materials to techniques. On that journey, he worked on the preparation of movie premieres for theaters, being a stylist for magazines, and after 10 years of working in special effects, fashion, organizing events, and movie premieres in Serbia, he followed his dream to the U.S. in 2009 where he worked making sculptures, robotic-mechanical suits, costumes, and full animatronic sets for movies and TV, including gaming conventions, and he was shipped with them around the world.

For the last year and half he’s been at “Steve Wang’s Bimorphs Studios” and has had the incredible luck and privilege to work with some extraordinary people that were his inspiration since childhold. He sculpted, foam fabricated, and constructed some of the sculpture stands for the gaming industry (e.g. Blizzard “StarCraft”, Red 5 “Freefall” & League Of Legends) and was sent to gaming conventions in China, Korea, and around the U.S. to Austin Texas, Seattle’s PAX, and Blizzcon in CA.

2012 ended with prototyping a small R.C. Flying robot toy for the company “Hot Buttered Elves”.  In 2013, Dragan is boarding onto the Enterprise in Space. His pursuit for knowledge of how things are made, his imagination and his burning wish to make it all real are Dragan’s motivations for working on the EIS project.

Dragan’s formal education includes:  Tom Savini’s Special Make-Up Effect Program; College of Textile Technology, Belgrade, Serbia-Bachelor’s Degree “Textile and Clothing Designer”; and the Private School for Art of Illustration and Comics “Jordje Lobacev”.

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