Craig W. Frey, Jr

Craig W. Frey, Jr

Graphic artist

Content Creator for Enterprise in Space Facebook

Craig W. Frey, Jr., sometimes known as “Buckaroohawk” on various websites and online forums, is a free-lance writer and graphic artist. He’s written everything from employee handbooks to radio commercials, as well as articles published in Comics Scene and Toyfare magazines. As a graphic artist he’s designed corporate logos, business cards, and assisted in generating content for company newsletters and websites.

He soon branched into the realm of Computer Generated Imagery(CGI). Self-taught in the use of 3D Studio Max, Craig began developing product demonstration and corporate logo animations.  Later, he began uploading videos to YouTube and submitting science-fiction themed models and artwork to the website. This led to his CG image, “Reflections After Probert” (featuring CGI models built by Dennis Bailey and Chris Martin), being chosen as the cover for the Star Trek 2012 Ships of the Line Calendar.

Currently, Craig is building the CGI model for the “Enterprise in Space” Project, using schematics created by legendary sci-fi design artist Andrew Probert. He is proud to have been asked by Shawn Case to work with Mr. Probert, whose art has long been a source of inspiration for him. He also considers it an honor to be associated with this ambitious project, which he feels perfectly reflects Gene Roddenberry’s optimistic vision of the future.  You can view Craig’s sci-fi themed models and artwork here:

And watch the videos he’s uploaded to YouTube here:

You can also contact him via his Yahoo! E-mail address:

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