Michelangelo Team with Experiment


The Enterprise in Space (EIS) program debuted at the 2015 International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in Toronto, Canada. The EIS Academy opens its doors for the 2015-2016 school year in September, 2015. The 2016  ISDC is targeted to announce the first round of the EIS Education Competitions.  You are invited to revisit this page as the EIS competitions are unveiled.


The main  EIS Education (EIS ED) contests focus on experiment design competitions, where students propose and build passive (no power) and active (powered) experiments that are contained within and/or follow along outside the orbiter (free-flyers). This includes CubeSats and their smaller counterparts.

Other EIS ED  contests incorporate cross-curricula (subject-based) categories including writing (technical and creative), art, music, history, ham radio signal bouncing, optical tracking reflective mirrors, and photography.


Fluidics Team with Experiment

Beam Me Up!

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