Brad Hoplock

In the grand scheme of things, I have been working in Computer Animation and Motion Graphics for the past 25 years.

After graduating in Advertising Art and Design at Red River College, I began my computer graphics career at the soon to be known as Global National Television Network. I quickly realized that I was the frst computer graphics artist in Winnipeg at that time. No other television network was using computer graphics for on air production. When it came time to move on, I teamed up with one of the networks News Editors, and we began our own video production company; Prairie Digital Imaging. We supplied video production and animation services to local clientele and to companies across Canada.

After 5 years I joined a larger local production facility called MidCanada Productions, a full service video production company. I was the on-site computer graphics animator, responsible for motion graphics and visual effects for TV commercials, documentaries, TV series work, corporate video productions, and effects for Hollywood movies shot locally.

I have enjoyed working as a computer graphics animator on a wide range of projects and have been fortunate to develop a close rapport with my business associates. I have a distinctive style and love the creative aspect of my work. You could say; “creativity is my passion.”

Recently I have been involved with SNG Studios out of California, helping with computer graphics and animation on a flm project, soon to be wrapping up production at the end of July of 2015. I will also be involved on an upcoming full feature flm also produced by SNG Studios. Through my association with SNG Studios, I was fortunate to be asked by the kind people at ENTERPRISE IN SPACE to become a contributing member for their cause, and asked to create an animated opening title for EIS. I was more than happy to accept this task. Being a life-long enthusiast of all things Outer Space, I jumped at this wonderful opportunity!

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