Board of Advisors

This is an informal board with expertise in many different fields, and whose members have volunteered to provide expert advice and support to the Enterprise In Space project. As necessary, and as approved by the President and the Executive Committee, they may perform commensurable services for the EIS project.



kirby ikin  Kirby Ikin – Chairman National Space Society Board of Directors, Managing Director of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants

Dave-Dunlop1  David Dunlop – Chair NSS International Committee and former NSS Board Of Directors. Co-founding Editor Moon Miner’s Manifesto India Quarterly and To the Stars International Quarterly

 Michael Mealling – President Georgia Chapter of NSS Founder/CTO OF Seraph Group– Editor of

 Ross Tierney – Founder & Managing Director Horizon SAS (Space AccessSystems) Owner & Senior Coordinator – DIRECT Launcher Owner – Launch Complex Models

john cortes John Cortes – (PhD Candidate), Mechanical Engineering graduate from Clemson University, 2nd Prize winner on EIS Orbiter Design Contest


jonathan lapin Jonathan Lapin – EIS Chief Designer


odonnell-carol-80 Carol O’Donnell – Director, Smithsonian Science Education Center / Smithsonian Institution 

doug-baldwin-80 Doug Baldwin – Director, National Air and Space Museum Educational Initiatives


floyd holt Floyd T. Holt – President/CEO- The American Science and Technology Center

lee jones Lee Jones – First Virgin Galactic Pilot

kathleen schmidt Kathleen Schmidt – Ph.D.



adam howard Adam Howard – Visual Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Artists and Designer  

Andrew_Probert Andrew Probert – Consulting Senior Illustrator Star Trek: The Next Generation

jim plaxco Jim Plaxco – Digital Artist & Photographer, and Owner of Artsnova creator and Editor of

Tobias_Richter Tobias Richter – CGI & Graphics Illustrator, graduate of the Technical University of Darmstadt in Computer Science


tim gagnon Tim Gagnon- Talented multi-media artist who has worked NASA officials on new mission and project emblems.

Ali-Ries Ali Ries – Artist

Dragon3 Dragan Radic – Production & Promotion

 Craig W. Frey, Jr – CGI & Graphics Illustrator

jon ramer Jon Ramer – Space Art

stanley Stanley Von Medvey – Illustrator/Concept Artist, Winner of EIS Orbiter Design Contest

brad hoplock Brad Hoplock – Computer Animation and Motion Graphics


olafur palsson Olafur Palsson – Professor of Medicine University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine



janet Ivy Janet Ivey – President/Chief Creative Officer at Janet’s Planet, Nashville Public Television

Dan_Madsen Dan Madsen – Consultant Her Universe, Fan-Based Media Consultant – Madsen Consulting


 Jeff Ferguson – Host JeffTrek Radio

 Gary Barclay – Admiral Chief of Public Affairs Starfleet Command (USA)

 Isaac Santiago –  Acting Ambassador Starfleet Command Region 2 (Puerto Rico & Caribbean), EIS Promotions – Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain


liam ginty Liam Ginty – host of Voices from L5 and Uplink 

Christopher-Bryan-Jones-160x160 C Bryan Jones – Publisher of, Editor-in-Chief of The Journal, the magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

john colins John Collins- The Paper Airplane Guy


 Brion James – Music Writer/Composer/Lyricist, and Producer for Genuine Music Group


 Melvin Brannon – Booker T and The MG’s

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